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Our Philosophy

Donovan Communications believes in taking an integrated approach to public relations and marketing as a way to reinforce your organization's brand and boost your visibility and bottom line.


The types of marketing materials we suggest and even the reporters, editors, and producers we recommend contacting will vary depending on the target audience you're trying to reach. The reason? The techniques used in business-to-business marketing, for example, may be very different from those used in business-to-consumer marketing.


We also believe that publicity can be a very effective marketing tool, but publicity for the sake of publicity isn't our goal. We see media placements as a way to communicate with your target market and to gain new business when potential clients and customers read an article, watch a TV news segment, or listen to a radio piece that highlights your products, services, or projects.


To gain maximum exposure, we recommend posting press releases, media placements, newsletters, blog articles, videos, and annual reports to your Web site and when new information is added, providing your customers or clients with a link by email, Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.


Content from your Web site and media placements will gain additional exposure when they're picked up by Internet search engines. In other words, when people Google you, and they do Google you, what do they see? Our goal is to make sure they see a lot of positive links.


Additionally, we believe that effective relations with community, civic, and government leaders can result in greater success in the markets in which you're doing business or you plan to do business. Therefore, we highly recommend becoming involved in local organizations in the communities in which you operate.


Marketing and Communications Strategies

Donovan Communications recommends that you begin with a Marketing and Communications Strategy that will identify your target markets serve as a blueprint for product launches, facility openings, anniversaries, announcements, and ongoing activities.


The strategy will include marketing and communications tools such as press releases, newsletters, annual reports, community and government relations, events, advertising options, signage, and other projects that will highlight your competitive advantage and mitigate or overcome any barriers your business or nonprofit may be facing.  To reinforce your brand, we suggest that you adopt uniform graphic images for all of your marketing materials.


A comprehensive strategy keeps team members from inside and outside your organization focused on your marketing and communications goals, reinforces your brand across all media, and ensures that a consistent message is delivered. A calendar of quarterly advertising and public relations activities is incorporated into the plan.


We see the strategy as a work in progress that will be reviewed every month by your team to ensure that scheduled projects have been completed and to add new activities to the calendar as opportunities arise.


The strategy we develop for you will depend on your type of business or nonprofit and the audiences you're trying to reach.

For example, nonprofits are dependent on private and government funders and, therefore, must keep donors and clients informed. Press releases placed with the media can be used to announce the services and activities of nonprofits to the general public, and can also can be used in newsletters and posted to Web sites to give potential donors and clients a history of accomplishments. Published articles about organizations and annual reports highlighting financial health should also be distributed donors so that they feel confident that the programs they're funding are solid and that their money is being used wisely.


For retailers or businesses launching new products, advertising, events, direct emails, and community involvement might be the tools we recommend to reach current and potential customers. For service firms doing business with other companies, a blog, monthly e-zine, social networking, and an updated Web site might be more appropriate. And, for architects and developers, project announcements and ribbon cutting events will drive press releases, advertisements, and Web content.


Writing, Editing, and Production Management

Donovan Communications specializes in delivering copywriting services because, simply put, Gail Mitchell Donovan, founder and principal of Donovan Communications, is passionate about researching and writing about her clients.


Gail uses her experience as a beat reporter and interview techniques she perfected as a journalist to gather material for press releases, newsletters, marketing materials, annual reports, Web sites, and advertising copy.


She combines business acumen with her experience on Wall Street and Main Street to identify the strengths of your organization and effectively highlight your products and services.


Gail believes in taking a team approach to projects and is skilled at collaborating with individuals inside and outside an organization to ensure that a project is successfully completed.


Finally, Gail oversees a team of world class graphic designers, Web designers, photographers, videographers, and printers that are available to translate your mission into eye-catching materials.


Newsletter and  E-zine Writing

A newsletter that highlights your organization's products, services, and accomplishments is an effective way to communicate with your customers, clients, stakeholders, or donors. It can be printed and mailed, distributed within an email message, posted to your Web site with the link sent to your contacts via email, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn or any combination of these.


The advantage is you are the editor and publisher and in control the content, so all the articles will promote your successful programs, services, and opinions. Also, in cases where press releases have been drafted and distributed, they can easily be incorporated into a newsletter.


E-zines, or online magazines, are shorter than newsletters and consist of brief announcements or blog articles that can position you as an expert in your field.


For example, a restaurant can use an e-zine to promote upcoming specials, events, new hours, and other announcements, while a service provider may want to write a blog about an informative topic that will benefit the reader.


Annual Report Writing

We interview presidents, CEOs, executive directors, senior staff, and clients and customers to gather information and testimonials for annual reports, and work with photographers to ensure that the right images are used.


The content and design process is a collaborative one with the client, graphic designer, and we work together to develop a unique theme and design that reflects the organization's accomplishments during the year.


Marketing Brochure Writing

How great is your business or nonprofit? Chances are it's even better than your think. But you may need someone from outside your organization to help you identify and promote your strengths.


We will meet with the executives, managers, and staff of your organization, highlight your organization's competitive advantage, and describe how the features and benefits of your product or service meet the needs of your target markets.



Display Ads

Donovan Communications recommends that all organizations create a generic display ad for print publications that can be used when opportunities arise. Having an ad on hand prevents last minute scrambling and ensures that the message and graphic design are consistent with your marketing and branding goals. The ad can be modified to accommodate placements in a fundraising journal or promotional campaign run by a trade publication.


Additional ads can be created as needed to promote specific marketing campaigns such as the opening of a new store or launch of a new product. Donovan Communications will provide a list of  recommended publications and their fees.

Sales Sheets

Sales sheets provide account executives and customers with more detailed information about the features and benefits of a product or service.


The advantage of this marketing tool is it can be updated quickly and designed to include your logo and other graphics that reinforce your brand identity.



Signage throughout your facility, on buses, bus kiosks, subways, subway stations, and billboards can be an effective way to advertise your products and services when you're targeting consumers in your advertising campaigns.


Radio and Television

If your budget allows, advertising on radio and cable may be recommended. Radio advertising can be particularly cost-effective and we will research and prepare a report of the stations and times that would reach your audience and be most beneficial to your business.


Web Sites

A Web site is the marketing and communications hub for any business or nonprofit.


Donovan Communications recommends posting all press releases, media placements, newsletters, annual reports, senior staff biographies, services, videos, and contact information to your Web site. The reason? It gives your organization credibility, provides a history of accomplishments, highlights programs and services, and makes it easier for your customers or clients and reporters to contact you.


Media Relations

Press Releases

As a former reporter and editor Gail understands what defines news and the type of information reporters are looking for.  She also frequently serves as a resource for reporters seeking to interview experts.


As we become more involved with your organization, we'll be able to identify and promote newsworthy items that you might take for granted because you're so close to your work.


For some clients, we recommend drafting and distributing at least one press release a month. For nonprofits, this is often necessary to announce program information. For public companies, reporting is required. For entrepreneurs, the releases are valuable because even if a journalist doesn't use the content immediately, it can be used later as a profile or as part of a larger article about new trends in your field.


Media Placement Services

After a press release is written, what happens to it? Donovan Communications will develop a unique media list for your organization and contact reporters, editors, producers, and bloggers that cover your industry.


Donovan Communications has handled media relations for clients in New York City for more than 11 years and, as a result, has extensive contacts, placing articles for clients in the New York Times, New York Daily News, Crain's New York, the Wall Street Journal, community and trade publications, and local television and radio stations.



Many trade publications are eager to print articles written by experts. we are available to interview you about a topic and ghost write your article.


Business Event Planning

Gail Mitchell Donovan has taken the organizational skills she developed at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York coordinating seminars, meetings, and luncheons for international bankers, economics professors, and financial journalists and incorporated them into her business.


When Napoleon Barragan, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of 1-800-Mattress was honored by Ecuadorian President Alfredo Palacio with Ecuador's National Medal of Excellence, he turned to Donovan Communications to create a memorable evening. The firm collaborated with the company's managers to hold an event in the firm's warehouse featuring Latin American food and native Ecuadorian music, and a novel idea, mattresses for seating.


When Park Avenue Building and Roofing Supplies was building a new facility in Brownsville, Brooklyn, Donovan Communications created a strategy to introduce the owner and business to the community six months before the project was finished. When the first phase was completed, Donovan Communications organized an economic development breakfast catered by a local business and invited local community leaders and elected officials. At the event, representatives from Brooklyn Economic Development Corporation (BEDC) released the results of a retail survey it conducted for the community. The breakfast kicked off a marketing campaign that featured additional press releases about the facility and owner, print and radio advertising, and a ribbon cutting ceremony when the facility opened.


Donovan Communications also planned 300-person launch event for elected, government, and civic leaders at the Brooklyn Academy of Music for the Initiative for a Competitive Brooklyn, which was spearheaded by Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz. Michael Porter's Initiative for a Competitive Inner City served as the consultant and BEDC managed the project. 


Marketing and Public Relations Workshops 

What's the difference between an advertisement and a press release? What do journalists consider news? What's the best way to communicate with reporters and customers? These are just a few of the topics Gail Mitchell Donovan covers in her marketing and communications workshops. 


Gail has conducted workshops for entrepreneurs participating in the Power Up Business Plan Competition sponsored by Citibank and the Brooklyn Public Library's Business Library, seminars at Brooklyn Economic Development Corporation, and workshops at the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce.


Call us about presenting a workshop on how you can develop and incorporate marketing and communications strategies at your organization.




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